National Science Foundation

Teaching Practices with Multiplayer Mixed Reality Simulations and Virtual Students. (2110777) Oct 2021–Sep 2024

EXP: “Earthquake Rebuild” – Mathematical Thinking and Learning via Architectural Design and Modeling. (IIS-1318784) Aug 2013–Jul 2017

NRT-IGE: Mixed Reality Integrated Teaching Training for STEM Graduate Teaching Assistants. (DGE-1632965) Sep 2016–Aug 2019

DRK-12: Mathematical Learning via Architectural Design and Modeling Using E-Rebuild. (DRL-1720533) Aug 2017–Jul 2021

STEM+C: Adaptive Training of Representational Flexibility for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (DRL-1837917) August 2018-July 2019

Spencer Foundation

Virtual-Reality-Based Social Skills Training for Children with Asperger’s Syndrome. (Grant #201400178) Aug 2014–Jul 2017

Web-Based Teaching & Learning: Across Culture and Age. (Grant #200800124) Jan 2008–Jun 2010

INFACT: The Inclusion of Neurodiversity in Foundations and Applications of Computational Thinking. Funded (TERC subaward). Total award $229,618. Oct 2019–Sep 2023

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