This video presentation will demonstrate salient features and elements of E-Rebuild, a math learning game for students in grades 6th-8th. Utilizing a game-level editor and a real-time, game-based learning assessment mechanism, E-Rebuild enables not only problem-based mathematical thinking and learning, but also participatory design of game-based math problems and adaptive learner support during gameplay.


Immersive and Adaptive Learning for Students with Autism

We aim to study individualized training of representational flexibility for STEM and computational reasoning and problem solving among adolescents with autism, hence addressing a significant barrier to college enrollment of this learner group who otherwise have the potential to become future sources of STEM talent. Researchers will utilize 3D virtual reality (VR) with body sensory technologies to create an adaptive, representational flexibility training program that helps participants learn how to design and code simulations and games in a 3D virtual-reality context.