Congratulations on a newly funded National Science Foundation (NSF) award to Drs. Fengfeng Ke (PI), Sherry Southerland, and Xin Yuan (Co-PIs)! This new award entitled “Teaching Practices with Multiplayer Mixed Reality Simulations and Virtual Students” will prepare future secondary mathematics and science teachers to employ effective […]
Join us in NCTM 2021: We will be presenting Teaching Ratio and Geometry through 3D Architectural Design and Game-based Learning at NCTM 2021 conference. Time: Wed, 4/28: 8:00 AM  – 9:00 AM  OnDemand Room: OnDemand 19  Session no.: 284 Speakers: Luke West, Chih-Pu Dai, and Dr. Fengfeng Ke For more […]
Our research group team’s proposals are accepted in the upcoming ISLS and HCI 2021 meetings. Congratulations! Israel, M., Liu, T., Moon, J., Ke, F., & Dahlstrom-Hakki, I. (upcoming in 2021). Methodological considerations for understanding students’ problem solving processes and affective trajectories during game-based learning: A data […]